Are Your Hormones Out of Wack?


Do you have unexplained fatigue, nausea, difficulty eating, or have issues that your medical provider can’t explain? Have you been to several doctors, specialists, and they can’t find anything wrong with you? Are you taking thyroid medications or hormone replacement therapy that just doesn’t work or you’re still feeling sluggish, irritable, and have continued muscle pain?

Tired, fatigued

Tired, fatigued, sluggish

You don’t have to be going through menopause or experiencing the “wonderful cycle” for our hormones to be crazy. Unfortunately, you can be 18, 25, 32 years old and something just isn’t right. Here’s what I’ve learned and found for you:

There are literally many hormones in your body that are secreted from various glands, parts of the brain, and other organs such as the pancreas as the body needs them. The “big ones” most of us hear about are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

If a specific hormone isn’t secreting properly (too much or not enough), many symptoms can be present and not explained “why” by your doctor.

For instance, if you have low progesterone – you might experience night sweats, nausea, overall fatigue, difficulty eating, anxiety, and the list goes on. Another example, if the hormone testosterone is low symptoms might include declined sex drive, lethargy, mood swings, depression, muscle cramps, and pain, just to name a few…’s truly amazing how these hormones affect us, our daily lives, and not explained.

If you have been to your primary care doctor, or even to specialists and they can’t figure out what’s wrong; this will be to your benefit. I recommend going to or seeking out a hormone clinic specifically. Your primary care doctor, OB-GYN or women’s health provider might give you a pack of estrogen, a gel or spray of testosterone, or something of the such, and you might receive the same form, pack, and dose that the next person receives. Not everyone needs the same dose!

If you go to a hormone clinic specifically, certain tests are performed and thoroughly analyzed, which everything your body lacks can be titered and measured to your specific needs and dosing. I can’t stress this enough! The hormone given to you as a cream, spray, or pill may not be enough, too much, and lack there of. Therefore, you’re still sick, sluggish, whatever your symptoms are, they will still be there!

At some hormone replacement clinics, hormone “packs” can be inserted into your hip or butt muscle (gluteus), and is pretty much painless for the benefit. These packs disperse throughout your body, gradually throughout the day, which you will generally see changes in about 2 weeks, roughly. Other supplements may be prescribed, such as potassium, or B-12, whatever your body lacks they will recommend. The most important thing to realize is this will be specifically measured for you, not everyone else!


***If you think this might benefit you, feel free to talk with your doctor. Most of these hormone replacement clinics offer free consultations at no cost. Remember, this is NOT medical advice, or to NOT consult with your doctor, nor am I recommending a change to your medication or any additions to your medication. This is only another outlet to health, wellness, and the possiblity of feeling better!!


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