How to Get the Best Golden Tan AND Keep It!

Hello Sun-Bunnies,

  1. Fact: We naturally shed our skin every 30 days.
  2. Fact: Tanning lotions are formulated to accelerate tanning and promote healthy skin. So, if you’re thinking about going “bare” think again. Going bare, without any tanning lotion will only penetrate the top layer of skin reflecting up to 70% of the UV light.
  3. Fact: Tanning lotions aid in replacing vital nutrients back into the skin while magnifying UV – allowing it to penetrate deeper for a darker, long- lasting tan. cropped-image-4-e1459287423555-1.jpg

When tanning outdoors, skin protection is key to keeping our skin youthful and beautiful. Whether sunbathing in the backyard, on a cruise, or a beautiful breathtaking view of the ocean and sand – a sufficient SPF is crucial to keep our skin protected without damaging effects. When applying sunscreen, try to use a 30 SPF or greater. I have found that Neutrogena Beach Defense does actually work great at the beach, at the pool, and in high UV index areas. It applies smooth, gives fantastic UV coverage (either by spray or lotion), and has a tasty

Neutrogena Beach Defense


tropical fragrance. Use the Neutrogena Beach Defense

as a primary, followed by application of Australian Gold Bronzer spray gel or continuous spray for the bronzing effect. The bronzer will allow the “color” to stay longer and skin protected. Australian Gold BronzerAgain, preferably an SPF of 30 or more allows sufficient coverage and gives you that golden, sun-kissed look we all love.

The Australian Gold bronzer also works great for the face and is best applied by hand vs. spray.


  • DO NOT take hot showers, the heat strips your “work hard” golden tan and dries skin.
  • Lotion daily after every shower, preferably a MINERAL OIL AND SULFATE-FREE lotion is best. Sulfate ingredients contain sulfuric acid and dries skin. Get this – mineral oil is a man-made by-product of crude oil (made from gasoline). It is a cheap way for manufacturers to produce lotion fillers, which these ingredients (mineral oil and sulfates) increase aging of the skin, clogs pores, and strips your tan while also preventing you from tanning.
  • Hydrate! If you hydrate and moisturize your skin externally, also hydrate internally.

Happy sun-kissed tanning!

Please feel free to comment or if you have any questions.

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