Why Expensive Sunglasses?

Should We Pay High Prices For Sunglasses?

We pay high prices everyday for great shoes, clothing, getting our hair done, and makeup, along with everything else, but do you pay higher prices for sunglasses?  The first thing that people notice are our faces, so why wouldn’t you. Here are the facts:

  • When we squint from the glare of the sun, you’re causing wrinkles ie. crow’s feet and damage to the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.


    This is me…with my Prada’s 🙂

  • Protection to your eyes assists with maintaining vision and prevents damaging effects to your cornea and retina from the sun. You can actually BURN your eyes without the proper UV lens or protection. Yikes!Ray-Ban-Aviators

“Cheap” sunglasses do not give you protection, and let’s be honest, they look CHEAP and people can tell! With those $90 shoes, and Coach handbags, why pay less for something on your face to compliment you and your appearance.

MY FAVORITE!  Ray-bans and Prada. Period. The Ray-ban Aviators (RB Highstreet 3449 edition) are one of my favorites, I have blonde hair so the golden/brown highlight of these “sunshades” tend to compliment me. Sunglasses can either compliment you or make you look silly. So pick something that goes well with your skin tone, facial features, and facial shape. NOTE: If you have a gap and can place your finger under the sunglasses from below your eye- they don’t fit, you will squint and still get wrinkles. Big gaps should not be there. Just FYI.


This is me, with my Ray-Bans 🙂

Ray-ban Aviators - MY FAVORITE


These shown products, I own and wear everyday, which I will never, ever defer from that. Plus, I’ve been known to wear them on my head (as a headband), when not using because I am literally addicted to these shades….just had to throw that out there!

Prada Sunglasses PR2

Prada-sunglasses PR2

Yes, you may pay more for these, but they are well worth it! The best prices I have found are on Amazon.com, which I have added the link for you to review. Most come with a warranty to replace or repair if damaged, scratched, or broken, which I have used several times since they are a daily part of my wardrobe.

Remember, don’t squint and compliment your face – that’s #1!



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